Anonymous said: what is this quote from? "It’s 1 am and let me tell you what a perfect hour it is to miss you so much it physically hurts my chest."

that’s literally just one of my tweets



damon zucconi, ‘attributing value (refractions)’ 2007


damon zucconi, ‘attributing value (refractions)’ 2007

Anonymous said: mitch, you are my greatest inspiration. hands down. thank you so much man. i love you.

thank you! i wish you were here so i could shake your hand except with our bodies. like, if our bodies were giant hands just holding onto each other and swaying back and forth. i’m blanking on the fucking word but i know the thing i’m describing exists.


Anonymous said: what is your favourite lunch to make and eat?

tofu tacos! i marinade a big slice of tofu in braggs amino and nutritional yeast and spices and throw it in the oven until its nice and firm and cut it into strips. then put it into tortillas  with cilantro, onion, lime, lettuce, hot sauce, you know the deal. 


Anonymous said: is there any way I could download/buy all of your spoken word (for the sole purpose of having it on my iphone)?

i wasn’t going to say anything, but i’m actually working on licensing some recent spoken word stuff as an EP for itunes, spotify, etc. it’ll include we’ll repeat i love you until the mirror breaks, you said okay, saturday dec 14 2013, and one or two tracks you guys haven’t heard yet. so there’s that.



capsule hotel, nakagin


capsule hotel, nakagin

Anonymous said: i'm a 19yo female and i recently realized that i'm gay. my mom is a hardcore christian and my dad is an extreme homophobic asshole. neither of them would ever accept me. i'm afraid i'm going to have to live my entire life trying to be happy with men because i don't want to disappoint anybody. i haven't told anybody and just really needed to say something, but nobody in my life would get it. love you and your music, have a nice day.

sorry to be blunt, but fuck both your parents. if any christian wants to use their religion as an excuse to condemn homosexuality then they either need to stop having long hair and eating shellfish or admit to themselves that they’re just picking through leviticus (a book specifically written for israelite priests) to justify their own shitty opinion.

please don’t spend your life faking love with a gender that doesn’t feel right to you just to please a couple bigots. be the gayest fucking daughter in the world and experience real love because it’s literally one of the most important things on the planet. if they don’t accept that, it truly is their loss.


Anonymous said: omg I just found out that there is a flatsound station on iTunes Radio!!!!

i hear it plays a little of my stuff and then randomly springs pop music on you. it’s like flatsound flatsound MARIAH CAREY flatsound flatsound flatsound ONE DIRECTION. is that true?


Anonymous said: more people need to acknowledge your existence

i kind of like the pace that i’m going, though. i don’t want a bunch of people to notice me at once. like one of my biggest fears is that i’ll wake up one morning and be on the front page of reddit or something. then my facebook and twitter will blow up with whats just an illusion of actual success all because a bunch of random people like one single thing i did. 

i just want to make art and write words and connect with people who feel sad sometimes. it’s a very slow process, but the foundation is so much more stable. i want the way flatsound makes its way into peoples lives to always feel very personal.


Anonymous said: you make my heart hurt and smile at the same time. you are an absolutely amazing artist, ive never seen talent like yours. you always hit home

i never know what to say to stuff like this other than thank you but thank you! i hope you’re having a really cool night and laugh really hard at least one time.


Anonymous said: are you single?

yes but definitely not interested in seeing anyone right now. i’m just coming out of the cutest and most painful lil relationship. 


Anonymous said: Mitch, you are so cute. I listen to the sad soul podcasts at around midnight as I lie in my bed and you and Christian never fail to make me laugh. I love how we have the same sense of humor and your voice makes me melt, it really does.

whoa thank you! oh hey, i probably should have said this a long time ago, but the reason there haven’t been any new episodes of sadsoul is because my computer broke. christian and i haven’t given up on it, we still talk about it all the time. we just have to wait until our schedules clear up and i get a new computer to actually record and mix the new episodes. 

i’m very happy you listen to the podcast, though. thank you.


Anonymous said: Do you have something against the LGBTQ community

i feel like you’re trolling me but i’ll bite anyway in case you’re being serious. why would you ever in a million years think that about me? :(





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