Liebergerweg ll, Hilversum, The Netherlands


Liebergerweg ll, Hilversum, The Netherlands




We’re very excited to announce that our split with Kill the Intellectuals and Personality Disorders will be joined by none other than EMO SIDE PROJECT and FLATSOUND!

Each of us will be contributing 2 tracks and we’re going to try and release it either mid to late October or early November, SO LOOK OUT FOR IT!

i’m gonna be on a split with emo side project and other cool bands i’m pretty stoked. you should be stoked too.


Anonymous said: How has your week been so far?

it’s 5:34am and i can’t manage to get back to sleep. my week was actually alright. i’ve been talking to a lot of people lately, mostly old friends that i haven’t heard the voice of in years. it’s weird thinking about who you were years ago and comparing that to who you are now. sometimes it feels like they’re not even the same person. i’m trying to stay productive. i had two meetings with a talent agency in beverly hills this week and they went better than i thought that they would. the idea of being successful in doing what i do still scares me, but everything scares me, so i guess that’s okay.

i’m going to talk to my therapist soon, it’ll be the first time we talk since i called him during my break down. i still think about you-know-who every day, but it’s getting easier. i’m doing better. 

thank you for caring about my life. it means so much to me that if i think about it too much i feel it all well up in my eyes and i have to stop. it’s still dark but it won’t be for long. i hope you read this and have a beautiful day.


Anonymous said: You're one of the few musicians I've found that actually are very kind to fans and questions and not are directly flippant and rude I think it's really cool

thank you! i really don’t think having a genuine connection with the people who reach out to you should be that rare of a thing. i definitely see what you’re talking about, though. every day, on tumblr for example, i’ll see indie artists i know get these VERY personal non-anonymous messages from people and these idiots decide to reply to them PUBLICLY every single time. that shit makes my blood boil. like what the heck, fuck your stupid blog, fuck looking important, someone sent you something so private in an attempt to reach out to you and you publish it for everyone else to see? at that point they’re not really thanking you, they’re using you as an excuse to low key brag. WHAT OTHER REASON would you have for doing that other than to create this illusion that you’re more important than you actually are? 

think of it like this: if you send an artist a very personal message on a social platform like this and they don’t respond then they probably didn’t see it or didn’t have time, and thats fine, but if they saw it and made the conscious decision to say thanks publicly when they didn’t have to then they’re using you as an accessory. a piece of jewelry that other people can look at and think, “wow, they must really be important”. this makes me sick because to me the whole point of art is to connect with people on a personal level. if an artist is given the option to personally thank someone, one on one, as a person and they still choose to make it a public affair then i have to question their reason for creating art in the first place. 

i’m very angry and shaking my arms right now!!


Anonymous said: im getting all of ur tweets tattoo'd on my chest so when ppl look at me from far awy theyll just think its sick meaningful bible verses or some shit but actually its just sentences abt hydrating my eyeballs and asking ppl to punch me in the face

this message is a binding contract so now u have to do that or else you’ll go to jail for probably a long time. enjoy your tweet-tats sucker (thanks for supporting)


Hey to all who have pre-ordered “I Clung To You Hoping We Would Both Drown” 2xLP


(if you check your email you may have gotten this letter already)
Don’t fret, you’re still getting your record! We just ran into some serious roadblocks along the way of getting these records pressed. We’re two very new people at running a label and getting records done and there were a few things along the way, on our front and other parties front, that kept pushing us back. (i.e.: People’s computers crashing, a change of contacts at the pressing plant, forms gone missing because of the change of contact, and the unexpected hit to our bank accounts during different stages.)
We can sincerely say that the records are getting worked on as we speak. We’ll send out another email with confirmation on how fast we can get these sent out to everyone. Thanks everyone for being patient and waiting. It really means a lot to us. We’ve learned a lot already with this 
Please direct all feedback and questions towards us, for Flatsound has nothing to do with the delay of the records. 
Thank you and sincere and serious apologies,
Jessica-Joan and Gio.



tim stoner
New England, 2014
[oil on paper; 38 cm x 50 cm, 15 x 19 ins]


tim stoner

New England, 2014

[oil on paper; 38 cm x 50 cm, 15 x 19 ins]


Anonymous said: oh, mitch. the simplicity of your voice makes my whole body tremble. i could try to make this long and poetic to impress you, but i'll skip that because it would be cheesy. so i'll keep it simple: you have made the biggest impact on me. you've inspired me in countless ways as a writer and a human being. i can't really describe my appreciation of your existence in words..i'm just a small lonely girl. but you've changed my life. thank you so much. i love you and need you. please keep up the work.

i don’t really have anything clever or cute to say here, i just want to personally thank whoever wrote this nonsense. it was really nice to read and i hope the small lonely girl who wrote it knows that it made me feel good in my tummy


Anonymous said: What's the name of your podcast? Thank you :)

sadsoul advice club. it’s an advice podcast. new episodes whenever christian and i feel like it.



Anonymous said: may i have permission to get a piece of your writing as a tattoo? i have yet to decide which piece, though.

you don’t need anyones permission to make modifications to your own body. you can get the frickin’ declaration of independence on your back and wouldn’t need to ask permission. your body belongs to you, friend.


Anonymous said: You should work at subway because you're so painfully corny, it's cute

i wasn’t going to answer this but after staring at it for a minute i have to know what the heck working at subway and being corny have to do with each other. are subway employees really corny? i never thought that they were. do they serve corn at subway? GOOGLE TELLS ME NO FRIEND


Anonymous said: You make my heart flutter and I have the biggest crush on you and your music and your words inspire me so much and make feel whole and I cannot thank you enough for that and I hope you smile today and that you realise what a positive impact you have on so many people.

oh great now i’m blushing like some kind of embarrassed idiot or something! thank you for saying all that stuff to me, it makes me feel like i have to lie down or stick my head in the freezer or whatever


Anonymous said: where are you, petal boy? i hope you are well.

oops sorry hello! yeah i’ve been busy talking to people and writing poems and mixing some new stuff and i’m v hard at work lately. thank you, though! i hope you’re doing well too and that you’re having a really nice day. it was really hot today in san diego and there was a random thunder storm w/ lots of wind and rain and it was really beautiful. the hot air mixed with cold rain drops made me think about kissing my ex girlfriend but not in a bad way, like in a grateful way. like i was happy to be able to kiss her at all. that was my whole day.