Anonymous asked: Are you still in love with the person you write your songs about?

my songs aren’t about one person. 


Anonymous asked: Mitch I'm 90 days clean tomorrow, largely in part to your music/poetry. In gonna thank you tomorrow at my NA meeting when I receive my tag! sorry for bothering you I'm just really excited n wanted to share it with someone.

hahaha what. why would something like this bother me! congratulations and thank you! i’m extremely proud of you, dude. 







Anonymous asked: how often do you update your writing page? I check it quite frequently, but there hasn't been anything new in a while

sorry man, i’ve been really busy with a bunch of stuff lately. plus i wanted to make sure i don’t post everything i intend on sending in for the book. i’ll start posting some stuff again soon, though.


alright, i’m still getting messages about elvis depressedly so at this point i’m just gonna directly ask you guys to stop. 

the only problem i ever had was him calling me pussy boy, it had nothing to do with not liking each others music. you guys get that, right? artists are allowed to not be fans of other artists. you guys messaging me saying you’re going to stop listening to mat and sam just because they don’t like flatsound are wack as fuck.


160 plays // Download?


episode 6: BATHS (sorry dad)
hey, look at that! another episode of sadsoul advice club! a stupid internet podcast dedicated to answering your submitted questions. this week we talked about disappointing your parents, becoming a model, and pretentious people. we also talked about plants and baths and made way too many jokes about what day it was today. 

if you have questions you want us to answer on the show, please email them to



deevseverything asked: Ugh jeez it fucking sucks to hear elvis depressedly and rickyeatacid (to a lesser extent i guess) talk shit because I really like their music and now they (ed at least) just sound like assholes who can't be happy for other people and let them do their thing. definitely gonna taint ed's music for me. Maybe this is the wrong place to post this but man! I hope their comments didn't fuck up your day too much.

its whatever, they’ve always been assholes from what i hear. i’m not even gonna claim their music is bad, either. i’ve always just known that its not personally my thing and politely left it at that. it’d be chill if they were mature enough to do the same. the only thing that even slightly bothers me is that the dude wont shut the fuck up about it being “nothing personal” when he was calling me pussy boy the day prior.

nothing about it even makes sense to me. i don’t know why its so hard to just respect people. i’m also confused as to why Sam would go out of his way to reach out to Josh from Crack In The Road and tell him to tell me how much he digs flatsound but now when fans ask about me he claims to not like me. with all that aside, sam is at least respectful in his opinion.

but yeah, all i see from here is a guy who made an entire lofi album but complains when people call it lofi, and literally named his project elvis depressedly but complains when people label it “sad music”. its ridiculous. not the mention he’s the type of guy to talk shit, claim it was nothing, low key talk more shit about christian and i, follow me on twitter after, unfollow me, then follow one of my fan accounts.

the dude is just creepy to me. i’m trying not to think about it, i’ve got too much going on with the new album.



Anonymous asked: Hi Mitch well a couple months ago I was severely depressed and suicidal. I had attempted suicide twice and was losing hope in everything and everyone. when I first heard your music I cried so much and fell in love with every song. whenever I felt like self harming or attempting again I would play it and it'd calm me down. I just wanted to say thank you so much for keeping me here. Have a wonderful Sunday dear.

i know i say it a lot, but stuff like this really does mean the world to me. thank you so much, and i hope you had a wonderful sunday too!


Anonymous asked: fuck Elvis Depressedly

hahaha, guys. enough. i literally don’t give a fuck at all that some dude i don’t even listen to talks shit on flatsound. you shouldn’t either.


Anonymous asked: HAHAHA why r u calling ur fans cute all the time? u a BIG FAT FAG?? LOL

the elvis depressedly fans are goin’ ham ya’ll


*waits until 4:20*
*smokes a whole skateboard*


guys i know it’s april 19th okay haha goD YOU’RE ALL SO CUTE


this is gonna sound really mean but when did literally everyone on facebook become too stupid to post direct youtube links? everything posted on that horrible website is a link to an article called “you won’t believe what happens next…” and the ENTIRE ARTICLE is just the embedded youtube video surrounded by like sixteen banner ads. what????? excuse you?? need some help????????