Anonymous asked: I wish I was like you. I wish I looked like you, I wish I could write like you, and I wish I could be like you. My life is dull and meaningless. I am not artistic, athletic, or even smart. I have nothing going for me. I wish I could be someone like you so I could at least excel in something. Something beautiful like your writing.

aw come on, man. why would you want to be me? you’re already like, the best most qualified person on the PLANET when it comes to being you. 

we all get numb, and sad, and unmotivated, and weighed down by this weird and overwhelming existentialism. that doesn’t mean you can’t be happy. if you want to write then write, and if you want to play a sport then play it. have fun, do it because you love doing it. over time, if you’re dedicated enough, you’ll get better at it. right now you’re focusing too much on comparing yourself to other people and that’s part of the reason you’re unsatisfied. 

one of the most amazing things about life is that each and every one of us is experiencing it both collectively and as individuals. you’re always going to be the main character in your own story, don’t trick yourself into thinking you’re just a stand-in in someone elses. 

i’m glad you think i’m a talented writer, or that you like my art at all, but please keep in mind that i’ve been doing this shit since high school and it came with countless hours of frustration and unsatisfaction. nobody wakes up good at something. having a knack for something is often nothing more than loving it enough to keep trying after others throw in the towel. if you don’t love writing enough to do that then try your hand at something else. there’s an endless amount of ways to express yourself. 


Anonymous asked: could you, one more time, give the links to your secret sites? specifically the confessional one (sorry to be a bother!!)


if you ever forget it just go to flatsound.org and click the o in flatsound.


Anonymous asked: I am in love with you

thanks! i have, at very least, a giant crush on you.



the mood of a landscape, part five by manyfires on Flickr.


the mood of a landscape, part five by manyfires on Flickr.


Anonymous asked: what do you normally do on your friday nights?

work on music and ignore peoples texts


Anonymous asked: you could have a kickstarter! you're a cutie we'll support you trying to support us!

hahaha wait a kickstarter for what? to set up a PO box? nahhh guys i can afford it, i’m just not entirely sure i’d be willing to spend an extra $300 a year just to get the occasional letter or package. do people even send letters anymore? do they do it often enough to justify the high price of PO boxes? am i internet famous enough? have i made it, mom?


Anonymous asked: hi mitch! i was just kinda wondering, have you ever considered setting up a p.o. box of some sort or any way for your fans to send you letters? just a thought idk anyway i hope youre doing great bc you deserve to be happy ily

yeah! its actually been something i’ve been promising i’d do for like, years now. honestly the problem is i live in a small town, so even the small po boxes are expensive and really limited. i’m totally still willing to reserve one if you guys wanna actually send me stuff, though.


Anonymous asked: i want you to love me as much as i love you. i want you to call me at night so i can be last thing u hear before you go to sleep. i want u to dream about me. i want you to show up at my door in the middle of the night because you missed my warmth. i want to be permanently in your thoughts. i want you to want to hear my voice as much as i want hear yours. i want your love

this made me literally nervous :(


Anonymous asked: mitch you're such a cute little shit I love you

thanks friend i hope you have a great friday night


richardrg asked: One of your songs about of broken hearth?




so it turns out i can’t legally change my cats name to “princess fuckboi”. not because it’s illegal, but because i lost all his paperwork when i moved. he’s not even technically my cat anymore, he’s just some neutered street cat that lives with me.



Anonymous asked: Saddest lyric you've written this week?

i’m starting to hear my moms voice at night again
and i know i shouldn’t let it scare me
but it scares me more than anything