worst part of a breakup #73: seeing something really funny that pertains to the sense of humor you two have, and not being able to show them.


Anonymous said: I love the words that you wrote in that last ask. Is that from a song or poem that you wrote? If so, which one? Ahhh I loved it so much c:

it’s part of a song i wrote like a week ago. hasn’t been recorded, but i have like 100 songs that haven’t been recorded and the lyrics and melodies just sit on my phone. thank you by the way! maybe i’ll record it


Anonymous said: i dare you to open up your phone or a notebook or just something nearby that has some lyrics or words you wrote and randomly pick a few lines to share

i hope when he’s holding your hand
he carries the weight of every dream that you have
and it isn’t just you

because i was lying in the folds of our sheets
and i swear that i could feel the ghost of you leave
and it was just me

and it was so cold
but it was freeing
to feel nothing
to feel you leaving


Anonymous said: if you were born in mexico, do you carry dual citizenship?

yeah i can own land down there and everything. anyone want me to buy them a cool dirt lot? BAM signature for you, BAM signature for wait is this even legal


Anonymous said: a boy introduced me to you. he is nice. i dont know him very well but i like him a lot, talking to him is nice. i am so glad he introduced me to you, i have spent the past few days just listening to your work ( mostly your spoken words. ) and your passion is beautiful yet terrifying and each word bites at my skin and each note flows through my veins and i appreciate everything you do. please keep it up.

whoa, thank you so much. i really wish i were better at responding to stuff like this but i really appreciate everything you said and that you’re even listening at all and felt the need to write all that to me. it was beautiful and you’re beautiful and thank you


Anonymous said: your music made my girlfriend cry. i see this as a very good thing. any lyricist who's able to invoke such emotion should be incredibly proud, mate.

tell her i said hello! in a comforting cool way, not in a weird way. i’m counting on you man :/


Anonymous said: Whats ssytasol? Sorry if this is a dumb question

go to flatsound.org and click the o in flatsound. its a secret page ssshhhhshshshsh v secretive page where you can say stuff that’s on your mind. also if it has problems loading just message me about it bc it’s almost time to clear all the secrets and start over again


Anonymous said: do you try your best to respond to every email that you get?

ugh, i feel really bad saying this, but i only get back to like 10% of the emails people send me. the personal emails, that is. like people thanking me, or trying to get to know me and stuff. it’s not that i don’t like getting them or they annoy me or anything! i’m just honestly such a reclusive person and so bad at talking to people and some of them are so long and detailed and i’d feel like such a prick giving them a shitty “hey thanks for listening” response and that’s it. i try and at least read them all, though. and i still get back to what feels like a pretty fair amount! ugh sorry i feel so bad even admitting this like i can just tell you’re asking because i haven’t responded to your email and you’re probably over there WAITING and i’m really sorry :(

i definitely try my hardest to get back to every work related email. like something about merch or other artists or little interviews and stuff. even if it’s like a week late, i’ll try and get back to it.


Anonymous said: You're literally breathtaking, I admire everything you do.

thank you for saying that !


Anonymous said: Mitch ssytatsol is flooded again please may you wipe it :)

is it not loading for you? i just checked from two computers and it’s loading just fine for me. if anyone else is having problems with ssytatsol just message me and i’ll clear it. it only takes a minute. 



Gabriel Orozco


Gabriel Orozco

Anonymous said: hi mitch, i was curious if you think there's even a point in seeking professional help for a really intense fear of death? like, is there even a point since nobody can really make it easier to accept? i'm terrified

actually, you might be happy to know that it’s an extremely common reason that people reach out to a therapist or life coach. in fact, take a second and go to google. type in any variation of “fear of…” or “therapy for f…” and i guarantee “fear of death” will come up as a suggestion immediately. 

you’re not alone in how you feel, especially with this phobia in particular. you think nobody could possibly help you with this because death is inevitable, but a phobia is a phobia. when you have a fear of snakes and you overcome that fear, snakes will still continue to exist. the goal is to eliminate the fear, not magically make whatever you’re afraid of disappear. consider seeking professional help, it can really help you overcome this and be happier. 


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you’re a mess in public but i still think you’re cute
and if i could i would take back the things i do
because i was feeling impeccable
toward everything at the time
it’s tuesday, 3am, and you write,
"i wanted to die"