Anonymous said: What are your two favorite books?

the bible. both answers haha god bless and have a *slams table* GREAT WEEKEND EVERYONE







Anonymous said: do u play pokemon? if so which game is ur fav? and what pokemon would u be (dont u dare say pikachu my bro)

for games i prefer any first generation with squirtle as my starter, but oshawott is my favorite in the series. and i don’t want to be a pokemon! i want to be human and have an oshawott and maybe a couple oddish :(


Anonymous said: What exactly does "and we'll repeat I love you until the mirror breaks" mean? I can't exactly pinpoint the meaning of the lyric

well, the whole line is “until then i’ll kiss your stretch marks, and you’ll run your fingers across old scars, and together we’ll repeat ‘i love you’ until the mirror breaks”. it’s about learning to love yourself so much that the little pieces of yourself you don’t like when you look in the mirror don’t matter anymore.


Anonymous said: if i ever see you one day is it okay if i give u a hug and a clif bar

ok but you have to eat half because i have lots anxiety about people poisoning my food


boyz-n--motion said: mitch welling i demand a new vlog or atleast a selfie this is madness





Anonymous said: your writing keeps improving by the year and I've enjoyed watching you grow as an artist and person, however wacky that may sound! awesome job. I love your material and I hope you keep doing this until you die.

thank you! got a little dark at the end there but still, thank you so much


Anonymous said: ur writing makes me cry



Anonymous said: Do you still talk to any of your exes? Or does it just rip your heart to shreds like it does mine?

it’s never been in my nature to just shut people out of my life after a relationship ends. sometimes someone will really hurt me and i’ll swear over and over that i’m permanently done with them, but if my phone rings and i see their name, i’ll pick it up every time. that’s like, my friend, you know? i want to make sure that they’re okay, and that they’re eating enough, and see if they need anything. 

but yeah, hearing the voice of someone you still care about definitely hurts, but nothing tears my heart up more than caring about someone and having them just not speak to you at all. especially because of how reclusive my life already is. i only ever let one person in at a time, when they leave, it really does feel like an empty space in my day.



Anonymous said: Do you ever send yourself anonymous messages?

yeah i send all of them. my therapist says i should “stop” but between you and me i’m just getting started.


Anonymous said: so sometimes i go on your blog or whatever and sometimesss im like wow he is so pretentious., and then i play your music and i just -listen- and it hits me every single time. i write songs and poems and all and heck, i hope one day i can write the way you do. like seriously the way you write, the way you phrase things can make me feel temperatures and seasons and obviously emotions. the creative existence you live is something i envy so much and you deserve so much credit and i just love you so.

hahaha, sorry you sometimes think i’m pretentious! i don’t blame you though considering my blog is 100% sad pictures and sad writing and thanking strangers for thinking i’m way more important than i am. the only things i get real life pretentious about are like, rap battles and which food network shows are the best.

anyway, thank you for saying such incredibly nice things to me. it means more than i can even express using this stupid keyboard.


Anonymous said: You are probably one of the best artist I've heard and I have all of your albums and I just hope that you are doing well with everything and having a good summer :)

thank you for saying that. i’m having a really crummy summer but i hope you’re having such a good summer that it’s making up for it. i hope you’ve literally pet like over 25 dogs so far and none of them were trapped in hot cars. 


i just put up 100 free downloads of july 8th, 2014. if you’re one of the 100 people who claim a download, please don’t hesitate to send it to somebody who missed out. this song isn’t going to be on itunes, i just want it to float around the internet naturally. send it to people, reupload it. share meaningful art with meaningful people. pirate my music. pirate all music. 




Ottawa by Gloria


Ottawa by Gloria