Anonymous said: I love you Mitch, keep up the amazing work! Looking forward to getting a tattoo of your beautiful art on me!

wowowwow i love you a lot and i hope the tattoo turns out amazing and you look at it forever and go “wow life is kinda sad but mostly beautiful” !


Anonymous said: hey i listened to your music a ton when i wasn't feeling so good last year and i listened to it again and feel really happy i've come so far in such a short time. i kinda stopped listening to it during that gap bc i associated it with a bad time of my life (sorry bout that) but now i associate it with my moving forward so yeah thank oyu for the being there with me and thanks for your music, man

you don’t have to apologize for that! let me tell you a little story about associative memories during a time of recovery. a few years ago, when my mental health got really bad, i fell into the habit of playing kid chameleon on sega genesis. i started because i was too depressed and scared to leave my bedroom but quickly noticed just how much the distraction of playing actually helped me. i began playing it while my girlfriend was at work to distract myself from the feeling of being alone. then i started playing it every time i tried to eat to distract myself from the anxiety i had while fighting an eating disorder, then was i playing it every time that i had a panic attack. 

playing sega really helped me because every time i turned it on i was immediately taken to a place where i didn’t have to think about everything that i didn’t want to think about. when you deal with obsessive thoughts and feel like you can’t control your own mind, it’s really nice to have something to focus on that drowns out some of the noise of everything else. the game calmed me down, and helped me eat again, and it played a major role in my recovery.

with that said, i don’t play it anymore. it just doesn’t feel right. despite it playing a positive role in my life, my brain still associates it as something that i used when i was sick and that memory is a dark cloud that i instinctively don’t want to think about. i think that’s normal.

i guess what i’m trying to say is thank you and don’t ever be sorry about how your brain works. brains are weird. the truth is you can learn to love my music or never listen to flatsound again and in the end the only thing i care about is that you got better.



shadows on my wall and the things casting them


Anonymous said: There was a picture of a baby flamingo in the newspaper today. Have you ever seen a baby flamingo? Look it up. It will make your day better.

okokok this is really cute and all but have you ever googled baby possum? please google baby possum right now and try not to make embarrassing noises.


Anonymous said: look, that wasn't even my ask but you're being a cunt to your fans. I don't care if you don't like how they think, you make a living off of them appreciating your art. don't you dare insult the people who made you who you are.

on the contrary friend, people like that last anon are actually the reason many independent artists don’t end up making a living off of their work. when you become possessive over genres of music or unwilling to share something like ART then you’re contradicting the whole point of art.

i love and appreciate the heck out of the fans that actually support me and i remind them of that all the time. now please take a second to understand that they’re not made up of the same people that complain about artists getting too popular. they’re the reason that i’m even becoming more popular at all, and i couldn’t thank them enough for that. 

the others? i mean, i don’t know man. i guess i just can’t think of a nice way to tell them to fuck off. they don’t support me, not in the long run. they’re actually standing directly in the way of artists doing stuff like, you know, buying food. i’m sick of indie cred, i’m trying to do what i love for a living.


Anonymous said: You're getting too popular

i’m sorry that must be really hard on you. it’s okay, though. there will always be other artists you can claim to like but not publicly support in order to maintain some weird possessive sense of individuality you brat. have a great day.


human, 2014

i’m a part of a species so beautiful
that we build little homes out of nature
to shield us from the natural world
and walls that we hide behind
and think about fucking each other
before falling asleep



Anonymous said: MITCH i'd just like to say u got me so into icp like the past week all ive been doing is looking up stuff about violent j and shaggy 2 dope and watching their videos and stuff. so thank u but also i hate u

welcome to the family whoop whoop


sharingneedles said: is "petal" going to be available on cassette or anything on your bandcamp ?? i would love to buy it omg

well my initial goal was to just release something in time for halloween (v spooky) but maybe i can trick mark from funeral sounds into eventually releasing it or something. mark are you reading this. mark release petal on cassette. email me mark.



disgrvcelvnd said: mitch! any new projects i should get excited for? i think i remember you earlier in the year saying that a new album should drop within the last few months of the year, but that's really fuzzy and i could totally be remembering wrong or thinking of something else.

hellllo! yeah a bunch of weird personal stuff happened this year and a lot of stuff got moved around BUT here’s pretty much what i’ve got planned for the rest of the year. 

- i’m releasing a spoken word album titled petal hopefully by halloween.
- i’m wrapping up two new songs for a split album with Panucci’s Pizza, Personality Disorders, and Emo Side Project.
- i have a 4 song acoustic ep titled four songs for losing you coming out shortly after. it includes the songs you wrote “don’t forget” on your arm and july 8th, 2014 plus two songs you haven’t heard. that’ll eventually be available on 7” via Little League Records. 

THEN, after all that, i’m really crossing my fingers to finally have my shit together enough to record the next full length. i have a lot of it written already and i’ve spent about a year and a half writing it so far. it’s going to be, like other flatsound full length albums, pretty fucking long. like a 17 track frickin’ beautiful and ambitious concept album. it’ll be a while before that becomes a thing, i just can’t wait to make the next full length my main priority. 

i hope this all makes you excited because it all makes me very excited.



look what i got today (+:



look what i got today (+:



Anonymous said: Your writing is beautiful and it never fails to make me feel things. Thank you c:

thank you for reading it and even caring and also for using your little fingers to type out this message


Anonymous said: do you know where that post is where you said something along the lines of 'the only reason you get replaced is because you left a hole big enough in their heart to need replacing'. that was my favorite piece of advice I've ever read and my boyfriend just left me and I just really would like to read it again.

i found it for you

i’m really sorry to hear about your boyfriend by the way. i’m all too familiar with the feeling of becoming attached to someone and having them suddenly decide to leave all at once, it’s a painful and isolating thing to experience. you’re going to get through this, though. give it time and move forward. the more you move forward the easier it is to look back and barely recognize what it was that hurt you for so long.


you are softer than the clouds above a city that needed rest from the light
you are softer than the air trapped in the eye of the storm
you are softer than a bed of flowers that still belong to the earth